Friday, January 4, 2013

PGA Awards & Hanging with Will

Today I got to vote for the PGA (Producer's Guild of America) Awards. As a member of the PGA I get to vote for Best Producer in several television categories as well as several movie categories. It's fun being part of something big like this. I can't tell you who I voted for but I'm happy to say that I saw about 95% of the movies so instead of just picking a movie that I saw I actually picked my favorite movie of the bunch. 

One of my favorite people came to visit me today... Will. We haven't seen each other in month or so and I was really looking forward to hanging. He got to my place in the late afternoon. We had planned to make some lunch and then go for a hike at Vasquez. Well he didn't get to my place until a little after 3:30pm and we still had to make some lunch which I expected to take an half hour or so and then we had to eat.. Vasquez closes at 5pm so that was out. Instead after we ate we jogged/walked my dirt road to my mail box. It's 1 mile one way so I got in a good 2 mile walk. It was cold and starting to get dark but it was fun hanging with Will.

Afterwards I started fire and we just sat in front and chatted for a bit, it was very relaxing. We had a late dinner since we had a late lunch. I didn't have anything else to make so we went out to Pizza Hut and picked up a pizza and some wings. Once back at my place we chowed down and watched Brave since Will has never seen it.

Afterwards I was tired and went to bed while Will stayed up watching some TV. He was crashing at my place tonight so he could go Car shopping with Robert and I tomorrow.

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