Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hobbit Figure Exclusive & Shadow Dancing

So today "the lazy monster" got the better of me. I did manage to clean the house a bit, but didn't paint like I had planned or edit any podcasts. I did workout, got a very nice 35 minute carido hike at Vasquez Rocks in but didn't do the weights like I had planned.

I came across two things that I wanted to share with you all. First of all the San Diego Comic Con Exclusive, The Bridge Direct have revealed the final look of their 2013 Comic-Con Exclusive figure! As you may remember, last year they did a 6″ Invisible Bilbo Baggins figure, as he would look while wearing the Ring. And I picked up three of them... Well, this year they are bringing to fans a 7″ version of one of the coolest looking characters from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: Azog the Defiler. Azog comes with multiple switch out parts, in order to create him as we see him from ‘The Battle of Azanulbizar’, still with his left arm and holding King Thror’s head. You can also have him as we see him a little later in the film, no longer having his left arm but with that gruesome metal object in its place. Azog will be limited to 2600 pieces world-wide, so he’s sure to go quickly. So if you’re at Comic-Con this year make sure you stop by the Weta/The Bridge Direct booth 3513B!

The second things I wanted to share was a performance by a group of Hungarian artists called "Attraction" The preformed on this years Britain's Got Talent. This blew my mind and brought me to tears. This is their initial audition performance, they made it to the semi finals and performed another amazing piece of work and then again at the finale where they did a great tribute to England and they won 2013's Britain's Got Talent.. you can see all the performances on You Tube.. they are truly incredible.

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