Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Taking Control of My Life

Today I'm turning over a new leaf.. I'm tired of the woe is me Kenny. Yes things aren't going that well in my life but complaining about them doesn't change anything. I'm the only who can make those changes so it's time to kick myself in the ass and get moving forward again.

Spent a few hours cleaning up the house (living room, TV room, Kitchen and dining room). I love having a clean house and with just me living here it should be easier to keep clean.

Had to run some errands and grab some lunch. While I was out I stopped by Vasquez Rocks and did a 45 cardio hike (this is my third day in a row and I'm loving it). While on the hike I found a stick on the ground that I thought would make a really cool wizard wand. All I have to do is sand it down a bit and then stain it a dark walnut color. It think it will be a cool addition to my wand collection.

When I got home I started working on my house. I'm starting with the back of the house. I removed old painters tape that's been there for almost six months. Took some doing but after 2 hours of battling the tape I got it all off and ready to be re-taped and painted. I'm gonna start painting tomorrow. I'm going to do small sections at a time, trying to take on to much at once is very overwhelming. I figure in time doing bit by bit it will all get done.

I spent the rest of the evening until about 11:30pm editing my next episode of MASH 4077 Podcast.

So all in all not a bad day, there were many times when I felt the laziness come upon me but I fought it off and continue to be productive. I know it's not like turning off a switch so it will take time but I'm determined get my life back in order one step at a time.

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