Monday, June 10, 2013

Neil, The Tonys and The Geekie Awards

Watched the Tony's today. I've never been into the Tony Awards until Neil Patrick started hosting. And honestly I don't really pay attention to the actual awards being given out.. I'm more into the performances between the awards...I can't get enough of those. For this one we got to see Cinderella, Matelda, Bring it On, Motown, A Christmas Story, Annie, Pippin, Kinky Boots and Phantom of the Opera.

Living here in LA you don't get to see alot of theater but I have seen some plays and musicals in my time and have loved them. Watching the Tony's you actually get to see scenes from many different plays/musicals currently on Broadway and it just makes me want to see the whole thing. Live theater is so magical.

But what really impressed me with this years Tony's was Neil Patrick Harris. This is his fourth time hosting and I have loved everyone of them but his opening number this year was AMAZING!!! Best opening number not only for the Tony's but for all awards shows.. he is truly an amazing artist. (Check out the video below if it's still there.. CBS is having them taken down from you tube)

For my workout/cardio I went on a hike at Vasquez Rocks for about 50 minutes. It was later in the day and was a nice cool 80f outside. When I got home I wanted to do my weight training workout but never got motivated enough to go out to the garage (how said is that). So instead I'll be doing my weight training on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday instead of my usual Monday/Wednesday/Friday. I'm going to try and go to Vasquez every day this week for my cardio workout. It's so much nicer then doing the elliptical in my garage. 

Also today the Geekie Awards announced the winners of the individual sub categories as well as the nominees of the main categories. Those awards will be given out at the actual event in August... you can read more HERE. Tickets are also on sale for the event if you're wanting to go.. it's going to be a fun time. Buy now and you can get a discount.. You can check out the different tickets levels HERE.

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  1. I LOVED watching them rehearse that number all week at Radio City while we were giving tours. I also loved the number with all the bway stars whose TV shows got cancelled. The performances were top notch all around. :) It was awesome to see how much people loved the opening. Made me proud to work where I do (for the first time in a while! LOL).