Saturday, August 17, 2013

1st D&D Campaign Comes To An End

Today I as determined to get out of this blah mood I've been in the past few days.  I did both my morning and evening 25 minute cardio workouts on my elliptical... so yay me.

I got up fairly early and went out and did a bit a yard work before it got to hot outside. But even at 8am it was still in the high 80's so that didn't last to long. I came back in and played a bit of LOTRO before finishing up my laundry that I started a few days ago. I worked on a bit more podcasting before getting ready to head out. Today was a special session of D&D. My buddy Anthony was visiting from Wisconsin so we moved the D&D session to today so he could join us. The session was also moved up an hour to 2:30pm.

I got to Will and Jen's around 2:15pm, soon it was a full house and we got going on our final leg of this adventure. This was one crazy last hurrah for this campaign. We found lots of cool treasures, fought several big bads and in the end there were no critically injured companions.. so it was a win win. It was a nice ending to this campaign. Some big things happened in tonight's session that will change the way my character Dash sees some of his fellow companions. I look forward to starting our second campaign in two weeks. Not sure if everyone who played in this campaign will continue to the second one but I for one plan to keep going. I'm having a blast playing Pathfinder D&D and I'm loving my Halfling Wizard Dashel Greenbottle

I got home pretty late around 11:30pm but as mentioned above I was determined to not miss my evening cardio work out. I went to bed just after midnight.

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