Monday, August 12, 2013

Workouts, Housework & Meteors

I manged to get in two elliptical workouts today, the morning one was 25 minutes and the evening one was 30 minutes.. gonna try and expand my morning one to a full hour next week. I haven't started weight training yet but I also plan to get back into that. For now Cardio is my priority.  Still struggling with eating better, my problem is I went grocery shopping the week before my doctors visit so I'm still eating the stuff I purchased. Since I'm without money these days I can't afford to waste any of my food.. even the bad stuff. I think once this food is gone and I go shopping again I'll make better choices.

I did some more trim painting around the house and yard work, but not nearly as much as I wanted to today. Hopefully tomorrow I can get more done.

I finished my night by laying out on my back deck around midnight and watched for meteors, tonight was suppose to be the peak of the meteor shower. I was only out there for about a half hour and only saw a handful of shooting stars, I was so tired, so I called it a night.

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