Friday, December 13, 2013

Selling Things, Screeners & Potter

Started my day by going to my storage unit to find my pink slip for my Jeep. The guy buying it is stopping by today to pay me and I completely forgot that it was in my safe and packed that away into storage. Luckily for me I found it after searching six boxes and only had to remove a few boxes from storage.

Once at home I started to clean out the garage but then a woman who was interested in my armoire arrived with her husband and sister. As I was showing it to her the guy arrived to pay for the Jeep. I helped the woman's husband get the armoire into his truck while the Jeep guy moved the Jeep around in order for the tow truck to have a better angle to pick it up. The armoire lady also took one of my older TV's as I was just going to through it away as well. They left and then I got the money, signed the pink slip and my Jeep was good to go. He wasn't taking it today a tow truck guy was coming by tomorrow to pick it up.

I got another screener.. American Hustle. This movie doesn't look like something I would be interested in but it has a lot of big actors so I actually might check it out.

I took my second load of stuff to storage and while there I rented a second 10x20 storage unit. I'm moving all my big stuff on Sunday and I know I'm going to need it.

Here's a picture that I found very funny.. I call it Potter-ception. It's Harry Potter, reading Harry Potter on the set of Harry Potter

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