Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Big Move... Part 1

Woke up this morning and found out that Direct TV turned off my service four days too soon. I quickly got on the phone to ask why.. it looks like it was just a mistake and they quickly reactivated it. I mean I'm already going to have to live five days without TV but nine would kill me :)

Today is part one of my big move. Today I plan to take all my boxes to storage.. and there are alot of boxes. My buddy Rupert crashed at my place last night so he could help this morning (and avoid traffic). So he and I headed out to the Budget rental place to pick up a truck. I had reserved a 16 foot truck and planned to do two trip from my house to the storage unit. When I got to the truck place the truck I was suppose to use had it's gas syphon the night before so he upgraded me to a much larger truck, 24 foot. This thing was huge and it ran really rough. It was an interesting drive back to the house trying to get use to it.

Back at the house Rupert and I started to load up the boxes and about a half hour later my buddy Doug showed up to help as well. It took about 2 hours to load up all the boxes and some furniture into the truck. The upside of getting the larger truck is that I was able to get everything in one load.

Once everything was loaded we headed to Islands for some lunch as none of us had eaten and before we could unload we had to get something in our stomachs... so I treated the guys to lunch as a thank you for helping me out. After lunch Rupert had some family business to take care of so he headed home and Doug and I drove the truck to the storage unit to unload.

With just the two of us it took a bit longer to unload. As we were unloading I was realizing that there is no way I'm going to be able to get all my stuff into one unit. I'm going to have to rent a second unit.. just not sure how large. I'll know more once I have all my furniture and stuff in my great room.

I was hoping to be done by 3:50pm as the truck place closed at 4pm and I wanted to turn in the truck before they closed but we didn't get done until about 4:10pm and got back to the rental place to drop off the truck at 4:15pm. Luckily they had a late drop off box (for an addition $10 cost) but I didn't care I dropped off the key and drove Doug and I back to my place (I had left my car at the rental place when I picked up the truck).

We debated on watching a screener or two but both of us were wiped out. He jumped in his car and drove home. I crashed in my recliner for the rest of the night and vegged on some TV.

I want to thank Rupert and Doug for being awesome and helping me out with part one of my big move.

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