Monday, December 9, 2013

Storage Units, Screeners and Xmas Gifts

First thing I did today was go out and rent my storage unit. After my brother's storage unit was broken into and everything taken I looked for a storage unit that had indivual alarms on the units. I pay a bit more but peace of mind is well worth it.

I found a place out in Santa Claria so I booked a 10x20. After looking at it I am worried that all my stuff is not going to fit inside. But I'll wait until I move all my boxes in on Wednesday before deciding if I need another unit.

Once home I continued packing and cleaning up the house and garage. As soon as night fell I went inside and watched Sherlock. I'll post my thoughts on Series 2 of Sherlock in my next blog post.

I did get two more screeners today.. Captain Phillips and Inside Llewyn Davis. I have heard of Captain Phillips as it stars Tom Hanks but I was unaware of Inside Llewyn Davis, but friends have told me that it's good.. so I guess I'll see. I haven't had any time to watch any of my screeners because of this move but after next week I'm going to try and catch up and watch as many as I can before the award season.

I also got another Christmas gift.. this time from my bestie Chris. He mentioned that when it came he wanted me to wait until Christmas to open it.. so right now all I know is it is from the Noble Collection and fairly light. Those guys have so many awesome things it could pretty much be anything...guess I'll find out Christmas day.

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