Friday, January 10, 2014

It's All About #Bulzt

Photo courtesy of new friend Mauricio

An addendum to my last blog post... my buddy Erik pointed out that I didn't mention anything about #bulzt. For those who had the privilege of seeing all the tweets tonight about that here is the story.

I was drunk and I tweeted "So I'm drunk...bulzt having a great time!!!" of course bulzt was suppose to be but and I even asked my friend Jen to look at the tweet before I sent it and she said it looked fine. So I tweeted and my buddy Sean saw it and thought it was a funniest thing in the world and he turned it into thing. Soon many of party goers from Grant Imahara 

  • @grantimahara Jan 11 "@ShannAwesome: “@hxcofficemonkey "@JesReaves: "@seanbecker: #bulzt" #bulzt" #bulzt" #bulzt" #bulzt"  
... to the birthday boy himself Jason Charles Miller

  • @jasoncmiller Jan 11 #bulzt killer party authority @Geekyfanboy is making a #bulztnation
 ... where hash tagging their tweets with #bulzt.

They also started tweeting # versions of bulzt like #bulztnation, #battleofthebulzt, #thunderbulzt & #canihazbulzt

I love that my little mistake turned into a few hours of "awesome" on twitter. Thanks Sean for making it so.

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