Friday, January 10, 2014

Pantries, Parties and Pals

Spent my morning building the two bookshelves I purchased from IKEA a few days ago. These bookshelves are to become my new food pantry. One set will have doors and the other will have pull out boxes.

Took me a few hours but I got both done and I think they turned out pretty good. Unfortunately the boxes I had gotten were to big for the bookshelves. At first I was going to return them and try and get smaller ones but a friend on Facebook (Scarlett) mentioned that I should try and adjust the shelves to see if they can fit that way. I had thought about it but never tired it.. so I did and it worked. I can't use the nine boxes as planned but I did manage to get four of them in and then I put two more on top and I'll be putting two more of the boxes on top of the fridge when I get that in.

Overall I'm very happy with the final product.

I did my final run to the storage unit.. yay!!! I picked up the final load of small furniture things that I could fit in my car. I am soooooooo happy that this part of my move is over. Never again will I move over a weeks time.

I still have the "big" move this weekend but once that is over I will be done with the move and I can try and bring some sort of order to my chaotic life.

During the evening I was invited to my friend Jason Charles Millers birthday party. He's an amazing musical and voice over artist. Now that I'm living in North Hollywood I was able to actually walk to where he was having the party. So I first picked up my friend Jen and we walked to our friends Jes and Dallas' place and joining us at their place was our friend Leslie. We then walked over to the party together. It was a ton a fun. I actually had a few shots of some Coldcock whiskey and then a few glasses of vodka and cranberry, I was feeling pretty good. We left the party around 3am and started to make our way home. Joining us for our walk home was Sean. We dropped off Dallas, Jes
and Leslie and the three of us continued to my place. Jen and Sean walked me all the way to my apartment to make sure I made it home safely.. thanks guys. They left and I crashed.

Update on the Erik and Kenny adventure.. Besides texting back and forth throughout the day, I did talk with Erik for a few minutes while I waited for Leslie to arrive at Dallas and Jes' place. We discussed our expectations of this budding friendship/relationship. He wanted to make sure we were on the same page (honesty is the best policy). I know I like Erik more then I should for the amount of time we've have known each other but we are both very realistic guys.. he lives in Oregon and I live in California, it's not ideal for starting a relationship so for now we are still getting to know each other and our friendship will continue to grow, if nothing else comes of it I have this new incredible friend that I will know for the rest of my life and that makes me very happy. Is this the end of our adventure.. no way.. not by far. I may not be blogging updates everyday like I have the past week but will continue to text and talk.. and who knows maybe he'll pop back up here or there in a future blog post.

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