Sunday, January 5, 2014

Moving In - Day 3

Got up early, had a much better sleep since I now have my air mattress once again. I am helping my friend Tamar move today but I wanted to try and get at least one trip in before then. So I headed up to storage (btw it's in Santa Claria, so it's a 30 minute drive). I loaded up everything and made my way back to my apartment. It took me a bit longer then I had planned to unload the stuff but I was only about 15 minutes late to Tamar's place. Robert and Tamar had already taken a load over to his new place so I met up with them there. I helped unload and we did a few more trips before Tamar was done with his move.

Afterwards Tamar took us out for lunch as a thank you. We grabbed Smashburger. I've only had Smashburger once when I was on a layover in Utah, but it's a very good burger place. I said my goodbyes and headed straight up to storage and loaded up more boxes.

When I got back home I gave my friend Jen a call as she mentioned that she might be able to help me unload (which really is the worst part of the move). She came over and we started to unload. Oh I should mention that Jen wasn't feeling that great earlier in the day but said she was doing better. Well after about five runs up and down the stairs she turned white and next thing I knew she was adding the inside content of her stomach to one of the recycle bins down in the garage. Needless to say she went home to crash. It took me about an hour to to finish and was spent.

I went over to 7-11 and picked up a pizza.. yes 7-11 now sells full size pizzas. I watched Frozen on my computer and ate pizza on the floor of my office before calling it a night.

The Erik and Kenny "getting to know each other adventure" continues...  Eric and I texted all day long. Just little things from time to time. We also went from texting to talking on the phone. We chatted for 2 1/2 hours straight... it was pretty amazing.

Also this is day one of no internet or TV.. so far so good... will see how long that lasts :)

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