Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Moving In - Day 6, TWC, IKEA & Meatballs

I got up around 8ish this morning and jumped in the shower only to find out that there was no hot water. I guess I have to take my showers earlier if I want to enjoy the hot water. So needless to say it was a very cool and quick shower.

I headed over to the NoHo Diner. I really like their breakfast and today felt like a big full breakfast kind of day.

I did my first run at 10am and got back to my place around 11am. I didn't unload anything as I wanted to take a break.. I was particularly tired today. I was talking to my buddy Doug and he mentioned that if I ordered the cable and internet that it might already be active (the internet). So I figured I'd hook up everything and see what the deal was. Needless to say that I didn't expect to be dealing with this for the next seven hours.

I'm not going to give you a blow by blow detail account of the seven hours as I really don't want to have to relive it again. I'll just give you the highlights.

So I called to see if I could get my internet activated and give them the details of my new cable modem but they couldn't find my order that I submitted two days ago, even though I had gotten a conformation email. After a few hours and talking to four different people no one could really explain what happen to my order so I had to re-order the cable and internet again, and of course it was slightly more money then my original deal. This time instead of having a tech person come to me I was going to go do a local TWC center and pick up everything that I needed.

So I headed over and it was packed and I was there for about an hour. I got all the equipment that was required and headed back to my place. I hooked it all up as directed and still nothing. 3 more TWC people and several hours later still nothing until the final person said.. oh your service has been cut from the building (though several of the other people said that it was still active). She said a tech person will be out within 48 hours... so know I have to wait once again.

I was so drained after dealing with these people but I still had a car full of stuff that needed to be brought up so I once again unloaded the car (for the final time).

It's now about 8pm and I headed to IKEA to pick up the pieces for my pantry. I got the first piece but when I went to the second piece it wasn't what I thought it was.. it was actually attached to the top piece (I had thought they were two pieces). So I had to go with plan B and get two of the same bottom piece and one I would get a set of doors for and the other I would get folding boxes for to use as drawers.

While at IKEA I grabbed dinner and for the first time had their famous Swedish meatballs, which included some mash potatoes. I have to admit those were pretty amazing. I can't believe I've been coming to IKEA for years and had never tried them. I can see me going to IKEA just for dinner now.

Once home I was to tired to bring the boxes/pantry stuff up so I left it down in the car and came up to the apartment to relax.

Update on the Erik and Kenny adventure.. we continued to text during the day and once again chatted on the phone in the evening. We've talked everyday since we "officially" met four days ago. We continue to get to know each other better and our friendship continue to grow. He makes me smile.

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  1. It's Swedish meatballs, that's why they are awesome ;-)