Monday, January 6, 2014

Moving In - Day 4, Tivo, Frozen & Siri

Today I got up and was excited as I was going to get some help today with moving. My buddy Brett was going to come over and help and then crash at my place tonight and help again tomorrow. Unforutnatly my luck with helpers is not good. And he too, like Jen yesterday was sick and had to cancel.. hopefully he'll feel better tomorrow.

So I am going solo once again. I did three trips back and fourth moving more of my stuff from storage to my new apartment. After the third run I was exhausted and called it a night.

I did take a break while moving and had brunch with my buddy Doug at this breakfast place that he has been telling me about for as long as I have known him. It was actually some very tasty breakfast. Afterwards we went to Best Buy as I needed to buy a Tivo and cable modem and Doug is really good at the techy stuff. I spent a few hundred dollars but I got the stuff I needed. Now I just need to set up my cable and internet but from all the horror stories I have heard about Time Warner Cable (and I have also experienced them in the past), I was not hopeful that this was going to be a piece of cake.

Later in the evening I headed down the block to Jen's to use her computer so I could sign up for cable and internet. Jen was still sick so I didn't stay long but I did order my stuff and a TWC tech person is going to come out on either Friday or Saturday.. so I will have to wait a week before I can get either of these things :(

So this is day two of no internet. I'm thankful for my phone but it's still not the same as my computer. I miss my internet.

On the Geeky side of things.. while out with Doug he told me about how if you ask Siri about "Her" she'll actually have four or five different responses. So if you have a iPhone, ask Siri if she is Her and see what she says... then ask again and see if  you get a different response... it's pretty awesome.

And Frozen is the number one movie in North America once again. It's extremely rare for a movie to be number one and then drop down the list and then regain the number one spot again. Honestly I'm not surprised as Frozen is really the only family friendly movie out there and it's pretty AMAZING on top of that!!! I've watched it over and over and over again.. but I still want to go see it on the big screen.. at least once.

As for the Erik and Kenny adventure, we are continuing our daily texting. We text throughout the day and tonight we chatted on the phone for over 3 hours... good times.

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