Saturday, January 11, 2014

Parks, Farmer's Market and Family

Woke up this morning around 8:30am which was a surprise as I went to bed five hours earlier at 3:30am... but for only having 5 hours sleep and being a big drunk I felt pretty good. I actually got out of bed around 9am and started unpacking boxes. Now that I have a pantry I can start loading it up with food that has been in boxes for weeks. While I was unpacking my buddy Will texted me and asked if I wanted to go for a walk around the park with him. I, of course said yes. But before I could go for the hike I had to unload from car from yesterday as I never unloaded the final load of things. Well ten minutes later not only was Will at my front door but also Jen and Dallas. We had everything up in my apartment in now time.

We started walking around the park but then Will mentioned that there was a small farmer's market just down the street. I guess it happens every Saturday, so we headed over. It as very small but the best part was the live music. We grabbed a bite to eat and sat and watched this "older" group of people preform. They were all pretty good.. afterwards we stayed around and chatted with them for a bit. I plan to go back to the farmer's market in the near future. After the market we finished walking around the park.. it was a good time. 

After the park I headed down to my brother's to exchange cars. Since I no longer was doing storage runs I was able to give back Lora's car and pick up my little Fiesta. I hung out with the family for about four hours before heading home.

I was tired and it was hitting me hard, while driving down to my brother's I felt myself getting very sleepy. So on the drive home I gave Erik a call and he kept me company (and awake) while I drove home... thanks Erik.

Once home my sleepiness was gone and I continued to get ready for tomorrows big move. I had to move things around so we could get the big pieces of furniture into my new apartment. I'm dreading but also super excited for tomorrows move.

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