Monday, June 9, 2014

68th Tony Awards

Was up early, couldn't sleep so I decided to watch the Tony's from last night. Now I haven't been a big fan of the Tony's and really only started watching last year due to Neil Patrick Harris hosting. But what I found is that, for me, the best part of the Tony's are the scenes from current plays we get to see. Alot of these Broadway/Off Broadway shows will never make it to the west coast and I haven't been to New York in over 15 years. So these scenes that are performed allow me to get a little taste of the theater. Hugh Jackman was great as host, I still enjoy Neil Patrick Harris hosting skills better but Jackman was fun. I especially enjoyed the opening and him hopping the entire time. The fact that it was a four minute, no cuts scene. I love that he acknowledged the camera who did it all walking backwards.

Alot of great plays this year and performances like Aladdin and Les Miserables but two really stood out me. The first one I knew I'd love just because Neil Patrick Harris is staring in it and that's Hedwig and the Angry Inch (btw Neil won for best performance and the show won for best revival musical). Also if you noticed their performance was the only one to get a standing ovation. Here's the Tony performance.

The second performance was actually my favorite of the night and I had never even heard of the play (btw it won best musical for the night) A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder. It sounds like it's a very dark comedy but I just loved this performance and if the rest of the play is like this.. it's full of win. Check out the Tony performance below.

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