Thursday, June 12, 2014

Babylon 5 S4 Comes To An End

Tonight my buddy Robert and I finished off Season Four of Babylon 5. We only had two episodes to watch tonight so we started with Ep21 "Rising Star".

Here's a brief synopsis: Marcus reaches Babylon 5 and uses the Alien Healing Device to save Ivanova's life and dies in the process. Delenn launches the Interstellar Alliance; Sheridan is forced to resign from EarthForce to receive amnesty for himself and the rest of his staff. The Alliance is announced in a press conference at Earthgov's headquarters in Geneva, with a dramatic flyover by the entire White Star fleet. In later negotiations with Earth concerning its membership in the Interstellar Alliance, it is revealed that Sheridan has been elected as its first President.

Susan Ivanova is offered the command of a Warlock class destroyer. Garibaldi wins back his girlfriend Lise Hampton-Edgars. Delenn and Sheridan get married on a White Star and return to Babylon 5. G'Kar uses his artificial eye to view the proceedings in Sheridan and Delenn's bedroom.

This episode was pretty much what I had expected. It was a "wrap up" episode. Susan is devastated that Marcus sacrificed himself for her and that she never reciprocated his love. It also looks like she is leaving Babylon 5 as she got her own command.

Sheridan is "forced" to resign from Earth Force but then what was a surprise to me was the forming of the new Alien Alliance and them naming Sheridan as President.. I did not see that coming. I love that Delenn and Sheridan finally got married and are now official a couple.

I wasn't a fan of Garibaldi getting back together with his Ex.. was never a fan of hers in the first place.  I really liked the comradery of G'Kar and Londo, reminded me of their relationship in the first season.

And now the final episode of season four of Babylon 4, Ep22 "The Deconstruction of Falling Stars".

Here's a brief synopsis: This episode takes place after the events of the rest of the series. It shows the long-term effect of the Interstellar Alliance from the point of view of one hundred, five hundred, one thousand, and one million years after the founding of the Alliance.

I couldn't figure out what this last episode was going to be because the second to last episode did a great job at wrapping up everything. I know when they went into making the final episode they thought that the series was going to be cancelled but before the episode aired then were picked up for one more season by TNT so the original "final" episode was pulled and saved for the end of season five and this new one was produced and replaced as the final episode of season four.

It's an interesting look at how history remembers events. I think my favorite of the four time periods was when we visited 1000 years later with the monks. The Earth is devastated and slowly rebuilding itself. And at the end of this segment you find out that the main monk is a Ranger.. that was awesome. And then 1 million years later we see the destruction of the Earth as it's sun goes nova and we see Human evolve into energy and live in encounter suits almost identical to the Vorlons... another cool moment.

Season four was AMAZING.. I know alot of people say it was their favorite and I can agree, though I really did enjoy season three. I don't know what's coming next for season five. I do know that when they thought season four was going to be the end they took season five and combined it with season four and finished off the five year story that he wanted to tell. So season five should be interesting. After season five we have five or six TV movies to watch as well. Lots more B5 to enjoy.

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