Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Wedding

Today I attended the wedding of two of my friends Dave and Kevin. I've known Dave for almost 15 years and I remember when he first started dating Kevin. They moved to Florida over 8 years ago and I have kept in contact via Facebook and email but I haven't seen these guys since then.

Since marriage isn't possible in Florida and their families live here in California they decided to have their wedding at the Burbank Marriot. Luckily for me that's only a 15 minute drive. Once I was there I ran into some old friends Chad, Arthur, Gary and Richie. It was great seeing these guys. We use to hang out on a more regular bases but it's been years since I've seen them and I really miss them.

What was great and different about Dave and Kevin's wedding is that they were having the wedding ceremony in the middle of the dance floor in the reception room. We didn't have to go to two different places. We just took our seats at our assigned table (Chad, Richie, Gary, along with two women and a young girl sat at our table) and the ceremony began.

I was doing well until Dave went to give his vows and he was having a hard time talking because he was crying.. I lost it after that... it was a very emotional moment. Of course Kevin was crying after that and he had to give his vows next. It was a very sweet and simple ceremony.

Family and friends gave speeches, lots of laughs. After that they started to serve dinner. I had the chicken which was very tasty. They did the traditional mom and son first dance. Then the party began. The DJ was very funny but I wasn't a fan of his choice of music as there was to much hip hop for my taste. The younger kids loved it so I guess that's good but he would occasionally play some awesome 80's tunes and the dance floor would be packed. They cut the cake about midway through the dancing.

It was a fun night full of dancing, eating and good friends. Congratulations to Dave and Kevin on tying the knot. You guys are fantastic couple.. I wish you two all the best in your future endeavors. Thank you for inviting me to your special day.

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