Saturday, June 7, 2014

Birthdays and D&D

Today was a busy day for me... I was up early and headed out to my brother's for my nephews 5th birthday party. I can't believe he's five already... where does the time go.

The party didn't start until 1pm but I was there around 10am to help set up. My brother and sister-in-law go all out with these parties. So I help set up a canopy tent, the water slid, tables, chairs, streamers, balloons and other Spiderman themed items.

It was a fun time, Kenobi and his friends had a blast. I got to see my mom and aunt who also came to the party, so that was nice. I helped with the presents (as I often do) and also with the cake (I always seems to be the cake cutter). I had planned to leave at 3 as I also committed to play some D&D at 3:30 and didn't want to be to late, but I was having to much fun and didn't get out of the party until 3:30 and home by 5:15pm.

I made it D&D two hours late and jumped right in. It was a packed house, there were people everywhere. I was a bit lost at the beginning but soon got into the story.

This was the start of our 4th adventure... and Dallas (our DM) decided to switch things up and have us play in two different time periods. It was alot of fun. I'm really liking this adventure as it's more of a treasure hunt. Each session we hope to find a new piece of Melzarin's "treasure".
Our first big battle was against animated suits of armor and I'm happy to say that my little Halfling Wizard Dash played a big part in taking all four of them down.  Towards the end it looked like Dash was going to be sucked into another plain of existence but his companion did everything they could to help rescue him and thankfully he lives to fight another day.

Here's a synopsis of tonight's session: The Fellowship of the Foaming Mug found itself in chains and on trial, having been in royal custody the past three weeks for a variety of criminal activities. Surprise witness Elward Fletcher was called to reaffirm that he believe everything started with the will of the late Melzarin, as that spurred the companions to locate his worldly goods with newfound vigor some three months past.

Asking around town, got Ginneon a piece of information that Zander was able to expound upon: A greedy gaoler by the name of Gunter was dismissed when one of Melzarin’s rings came up missing from inventory. After laying low for a few months – soldiers and servants who served Edrin’s regime with enthusiasm were actively taken down – he emerged to sell the ring to Jhanto, the leader of a criminal guild called the “One-Eyed Wretches.” Jhanto got impatient with Gunter’s desire to actually be paid for the ring so he tossed him and some other ne’er-do-wells into Melzarin’s glitchy house which was slowly collapsing into the astral plane behind the blind alley of the Whale’s Tale.

Gunter’s wife Alija couldn’t be happier to be rid of her husband or to point the party towards Jhanto. After a few curiously poor verbal missteps from the usually glib Ginneon, it was the rogues who struck a bargain with the One-Eyed Wretches, agreeing to join the gang and keep their eyes by offering up Melzarin’s evil one. Phlig passed over 1,500 silver pieces to bind the deal, to be kept should the party default on its deal.

The party entered Melzarin’s old house and discovered it still mostly intact. They found Gunter, alive but shaken, hidden inside the most impractical privy in the history of Tyryn. They faced animated armor and astral rays, braved the homonymium, witnessed the destruction of Melzarin’s magical hat, and snagged a few choice items from Melzarin’s disintegrating library before making a hasty exit. They barely escaped with their lives.

Gunter proved good to his word and led them to the purple-stoned ring that was left to Tailyn. Among the papers they salvaged from Melzarin’s library, they discovered a letter to the Consortium of Gainful Arcanists from Melzarin, begging them to not repossess his magical cane (an item willed to Dash) in return for his late dues. That seemed as good a lead as any to discover the next item.

My friend Luis (and fellow player) made Lego figures of our D&D characters (Dash is front row, second from left)

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