Thursday, June 5, 2014

Podcasts & Babylon 5

I spent the afternoon recording several Alien Nation podcasts with my brother. This podcast has been on hiatus since November as both my brother and I have been busy, he with his family life and me with the big move and big vacation. But we did manage to get together to do a "listener feedback" podcast last month but this is the first time we will be doing more episodes.

We're moving on to the TV movies, they did five of them. We're splitting each one into two podcasts so today we are recording Ep 24 and 25 which will be released on June 10th and July 10th. We're covering the first of the TV movies Dark Horizon.

The recording went okay.. of course the moment we decided to record the podcast the gardeners down stairs decided to use a weed whacker and air blower. At first it stopped us from recording but my brother had to get home so we moved forward with the horrible noise in the background. Hopefully it won't be to much of a distraction.

During the evening I went over to Robert's house to watch more B5. It's been a while since our last TV night and we had to push it from last night to tonight.

First up with watched S4 Ep18 "Intersections in Real Time" In a bleak room, an interrogator tries to force Sheridan to admit he was under alien influence and worked to undermine Earth.

When this episode started out, I said to Robert.. "Oh I hope this episode doesn't take place entirely in this room with the torture of Sheridan", but sure enough it does and I was pleasantly surprised that I actually enjoyed it. It was tense and hard to watch at times but it was some great dramatic TV. You really got to see what Sheridan was made of.

Then S4 Ep19 "Between the Darkness and the Light" Garibaldi now freed of Bester's influence tries to find allies to free Sheridan. But no one trusts him, not even those who used to call him friend. But Franklin and Lyta take a chance and with the help of Garibaldi try to free Sheridan. Meanwhile Ivanova and Marcus find out Clark has new more powerful ships. They take a contingent of White stars to destroy the new ships, someone will pay a high price for the victory.

I enjoyed this episode. I knew Garibaldi was going to help free Sheridan to restore his name. I really liked Lyta in this episode, when she looks at the Mars leader with those black eyes, it sends chills down my spine... good stuff.

And the final episode of the night S4 Ep20 "Endgame" The battle for Earth concludes as Sheridan leads his forces to Earth to confront Clark's forces in an all out battle. Meanwhile Marcus learns of the alien device Franklin used to heal Garibaldi when he was critically injured. But to save a person's life, someone else must die.

What a great ending to these civil war. Sheridan's reunion with Delenn was great. I also liked that he's still a bit skeptical for Garibaldi... it's gonna take a while before he can trust him. I liked that the progressed the relationship of Susan and Marcus though it was short lived. I really thought that Susan was going to die but once Marcus found out about that alien machine that can transfer lifeforce from one to another I knew he was going to sacrifice himself for her. I'm glad Clark is dead, he truly was a mad man.

We only got two more episodes of this season... can't wait to see where the story goes next.

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