Sunday, June 1, 2014

Busy Day and Adding to My Collection

Had a busy day today... started by cleaning and organizing the stuff down in my carport area. Since I have a two car tandem spot and only one car I have a large area that I've been using for overflow from my apartment. Mostly empty plastic bins and boxes but there are some small pieces of furniture and my elliptical down there. Management hasn't said anything about the stuff being there but I wanted to better organize it so it look less cluttered and presented better. So I spent about a half hour down there cleaning up.

Afterwards I came up stairs and turned on the TV while eating breakfast and The Day After Tomorrow was on. About halfway through the movie my apartment shook. At first I thought.. "oh it's an earthquake" but then there was this big jolt that got my heart racing. For a moment I thought "is this the big one, should I get to a doorway". It was a 4.2 out in Westwood which is about 10 miles south east of me. Earthquakes don't normally raddle me as I've experienced them my entire life being from SoCal but this one did. It might have been because I was watching a disaster movie I don't know but it scared the heck out of me.

I decided to get some fresh air and head out to run some errands. First was lunch then Target to pick up a birthday present for me nephew. While at Target I found some really cool pants that were on clearance. If you know me you know all I wear are blue jeans. I recently have been looking to get a pair of khakis to mix things up. Though these two new pair of pants aren't khakis they are not jeans and kind of a funky color, red and blue.

While at Target I also developed some pictures that I had taken while a guest speaker in a class of that a friend of my is the teacher. I took 15 pictures of kids wearing my Hobbit feet. Told the kids I would get the pictures to them before school is out (which is soon).

Headed to Toys R Us to see if I could find some Maleficent items. I was there a few weeks back when I took my Dad shopping for a birthday gift for my nephew and saw that they made these really nice looking Maleficent dolls. Well now that I have seen the movie and obsessed over it, I had to see if I could find those dolls. I actually found one of the three that I was looking for.

I headed to another Toys R Us to see if I could find the other two but had no luck. But next door to the Toys R Us is a Costco and my nephew loves fortune cookies so I thought I would stop by and grab him a huge bag of them. Well I have never been to a Costco on a Sunday afternoon and now I know why. It was packed with rude people. Everyone was out for themselves and didn't care who they hit or blocked and I only lasted ten minutes before I forced myself not to kill someone with my bare hands and left the building.

When I got home I checked Ebay to see if I could find the other two Maleficent dolls and I did. They were actually being sold by Toys R Us via Ebay and they too were on sale like the one I had gotten earlier so I picked both of them up.

Collecting is an addiction.. and for the most part I can control myself, but sometimes I just say screw it, and this was one of those times. These pieces will be a great addition to my collection.

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