Friday, September 19, 2014

B-day Countdown Continues & iPhone LCARS Wallpaper

Gonna start this blog post with Day 39 and Day 40 of my "pic a day" until my 44th birthday. It's getting closer and soon I will be 44 years old. The pictures on the left is from Age 39, I think I look extremely fat (in the face) and what's funny is this isn't even close to the heaviest guess it's the lighting and shadows of the beard.

The pictures on the right is from Age 40, yep the big four zero which really wasn't a big deal. I was happy to be turning 40. I had the best years of my life in my 30's so why would 40's be any different.

Update on my latest tattoo. It has entered the itching stage and the scabs are beginning to come off. This is good as it means it's healing properly but man is it tough not to itch it. Hopefully this stage won't last to long.

A friend posted this on Facebook and I wanted to share it with you all just in case you didn't see it there. If you're a Star Trek fan and own an iPhone 5 or 6 then you might want to download this. I did and I loved it.

It's a simple thing.. I mean it's just a picture/wallpaper but the way the made it, it allows the time and date to line up perfectly. If you follow this LINK it explains how you can add it to your phone. It's quick and easy.

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