Sunday, September 14, 2014

Outlander Ep 6 & A Fun D&D Session

It's day 35 of my "pic a day" until my 44th birthday and like with all my other posts here's a picture of me at age 35. This was taken up at my mom's cabin in Green Valley Lake. That's my doggie Daisy who is now living in Austria with Harry.

Today I watched the latest episode of Outlander. This was episode 6 titled, "The Garrison Commander" Among the Red coats, Claire thinks she has found her way back to Inverness — until she is reunited with Black Jack Randall, who will stop at nothing to learn what she is hiding.

Most of this episode takes place in one room and with two talking heads, normally not a good combo for TV but with this amazing writing and these fantastic actors it's one of the most intense, chilling and compelling pieces of drama that I have seen in a long time.

There is also this crazy flogging scene, Jamie, our dashing hero gets 100 lashes on top of already getting 100 lashes. His back is filet opened and there are chunks of skin hanging off of it. It's extremely hard to watch but it's not gratuitous and I think that makes it even harder to watch, with the realism.

In order for our Heroine to survive she has to marry and of course it's going to be with our dashing hero Jamie. We did find out that Jamie is not only kind, chivalrous and tough as nails, but he's still a virgin which makes him even more adorable. I look forward to next weeks episode to see how this story plays out.

I heard that they will only be airing the first 8 episodes of season one in 2014 and the remaining 8 episodes of season one in 2015. Hopefully we won't have to wait months to see the back half of season one.

The majority of my day was spent playing D&D/Pathfinder. Our dwarf adventures continues. We are well below the surface in caverns close to the planets magma. There were two major battles and both were hard fought. The first was a lot of fun as we were in a cable car of sorts trying to get across a large chasm, while Derro's were in two other cable cars coming down towards us and a group were on the cliff side where we were heading. Dash did pretty good with several fireballs that took out about half of these creatures.

During our second battle, again with Derro's but this time there was a sorcerer as well who had mind controlled Dwarfs attacking us. Again it was a tough battle as Dash tried to charm this sorcerer several times but he was to powerful and kept throwing the charm off. In the end we manged a win but our success was in vein as it looked as though the items (bracers) we were looking for were destroyed when the person holding them fell into the lava. Nar and Borin (our company dwarves) were well compensated. Dash also picked up a nice cloak that gives me some pluses to my roles.

Before the session was over Arethal found a jet black cloak, put it on and turned to us saying he was sorry, then black arms came out of the rock face, grab him, pulled him in and he was gone.

This battle set a new record of rounds played, our previous record was 10, this battle took 13 rounds. 

Both battles were loads of fun, they were tough and several of us, well almost everyone lost a huge amount of HP points. Once again I want to thank our DM Dallas for making all this possible. Couldn't ask for a better time. Can't wait to see whats in store for us next as we find out what happen to Arethal.

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