Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hobbit DOS Extended Trailer & Another Random Geek Question

Today is day 38 of my "pic a day" until my 44th birthday. Here I am at age 38. This picture is from my commitment ceremony with Harry. We had been together for five years and figured since we couldn't officially get married (at the time) we'd have a ceremony to celebrate our love. We lasted a further three years before calling it quits.

Warner Brothers released a trailer for the upcoming release of The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition Blu-ray. There is actually 25 additional minutes added to the movie as well as 9 hours of behind the scenes. Man I love Peter Jackson not only for making amazing movies but for all his amazing behind the scenes stuff.  I'll be buying this blu-ray on day of release.. it's a must have for me.

I posted a Random Geek Question, one that I may have asked before but I couldn't remember and was too lazy to look up. Needless to say I didn't get many responses but I did want to share the ones that I did get. So here was the question. Science Fiction or Fantasy, which do you prefer and why?

I got a few responses on Twitter.

@TheRobZone @Geekyfanboy Science Fiction, because futuretech and the endless possibilities of "science"-based tech really interest me.
@Aradinsc @Geekyfanboy These days I tend to be more split down the middle, although I would say I have a slight preference for Fantasy in general.
@JediRach @Geekyfanboy SciFi -> Star Wars 
@ tamarcurry @Geekyfanboy fantasy, probably because blades appeal to me more than futuristic guns.

@mrfatelurk @Geekyfanboy Sci-Fi hands down, because of Star Trek

On Facebook I got a few response as well.
Erik Nelson - Even though I love Sci-Fi, I tend towards Fantasy, or things with an element of it. Probably one of the reasons I love Doctor Who so much! As far as why...I think part is that Science Fiction is quickly working its way toward Science Fact. The elements of Fantasy though have a magic about them...oh and dragons!

Anthony Mangano - Both, I can't pick one.

Jennifer Luchsinger - All of the above

Angelia Weitzman - Classic Sci-Fi for me.

Ken Todd - Impossible to choose.

Doug Luberts - Yikes... BITD (from about 7th grade to Junior year in HS), I was primarily a hard-core SF reader. Asimov and Heinlein were my two favorites.Then I started getting into Tolkien and spent years just focusing on reading his work over and over, again. After college I shifted into horror and mystery for a bit, and was really into Stephen King. Now I'm into both the Sword and Laser genres, but tend to lean towards the sword because of an affinity for dragons and wizards. Also, it is something I can do that is 100 degrees in the opposite direction of what my work like is life.

As for me I love both Fantasy and Science Fiction equally. But I guess if push came to shove and I could only choose one it would have to be Fantasy. I mean two of my four favorite things of all time are Fantasy; Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. And it's debatable weather Star Wars is Fantasy or Sci fi. I consider it both actually. Star Trek is the fourth one and is my only true Sci fi.

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