Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Arrow S3 Ep1 - My Review

I spent the last few months watching season one and two of Arrow so I would be ready for when season three started in October... well I did it and I am finally able to watch it live like everybody else. So today I watched season 3 episode 1 "The Calm".

Following Slade's defeat, the Arrow is embraced as a hero by the people of Starling City, and newly-promoted Captain Lance calls off the anti-vigilante task-force. Elsewhere, Werner Zytle, who has claimed the mantle of Vertigo, attempts to kill Arrow in a bid to raise his profile. After losing the first battle, Oliver and Roy are able to stop Zytle, along with some help from Sara who is back in town.

Meanwhile, businessman Dr. Ray Palmer successfully acquires Queen Consolidated under a plan of rebuilding the city and renaming it "Star City". Laurel helps Lance deal with his health issues, and Diggle and Lyla welcome a baby girl, which convinces Diggle to take Oliver's suggestion and retire from field duty.

After visiting with Laurel, Sara is shot in the chest with arrows by an unseen figure and falls from a rooftop to her death in front of Laurel.

I really enjoyed this episode, I like that they dealt with the Oliver and Felicity relationship and also kind of resolved it and didn't drag it out all season. I liked the addition of Brandon Routh's character, I've always liked that actor and I think he'll be a nice addition to Arrow. Don't know what Diggle is going to do now, now that he has decided to not be in the field anymore. And Arrow once again had their OMG shocking final moment with the death of Carny (Sara). I did not see that coming.

I think the only part that I really didn't care for was the flashback to Hong Kong. But then again I really didn't enjoy all the flashbacks from season two either. I loved Roy's new outfit, I wonder what name they will give him. And of course I love Felicity and felt bad that things didn't work out with Oliver and you know she's dying inside. And it was kind of cool to see part of the scene with Arrow and Flash from the pilot of The Flash last night. A great start to what I expect to be a fantastic season.

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