Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Flash: Pilot - My Review

So today I watched the pilot episode of the new series The Flash on CW. This was episode 1 titled "City of Heroes" Nine months after the Star Labs explosion, Barry awakens to find a lot has changed while he was in a coma. With his new friends and powers Barry must try to right the wrongs of his new Mentor and Owner of Star Labs.

Unfortunately this pilot was leaked about three months ago and I did mange to find a copy of it but I'm happy to say that I didn't watch it. Mostly because I wanted to finish Arrow and I knew that Barry (The Flash) was in an episode of Arrow. And when I was done with Arrow it was only a few weeks until the premiere so I waited until then. 

I read some of The Flash comic books when I was a kid and watched the 90's TV version back in the day but don't know alot of the lore so I knew I wouldn't get all the "nods" to the real fans, but I really enjoyed this pilot and I can see this series becoming a favorite of mine. Unlike with Arrow were most of the it's villains and heroes are humans. Flash looks like it will be more about "super" humans with powers and such.. and though I love Arrow, I think Flash will be more up my alley.

I enjoyed the nod to the 90's Flash by casting the actor who played The Flash in the 90's series as the father of the Flash in this series. I love the costume they came up and how it came about. This is only the beginning but I like his "team" and I'm sure will delve more into their background as the series progresses. I liked the scene Arrow and the special effects were well done, especially for a TV series. I look forward to seeing where this series goes.

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