Monday, October 6, 2014

Twin Peaks Returns & Enjoying Rebels & Scorpion

Today there was an announcement that I didn't think I'd ever hear. Twin Peak is returning to TV in 2016. It's going to be a limited series (some calling it season three) and will be nine episodes. It's going to air on Showtime. There has been rumors floating about for years about them either continuing the story or rebooting the series. And of recent days twitters been a flutter with cryptic tweets from the creators. Showtime released this video as an announcement.

I'm super excited for this news. I loved Twin Peak when it first aired and still love to this day. I collected baseball cards, buttons, Laura Palmer's actual diary and a cassette tape of Dale Coopers audio clips to Diane. I'm so happy that they are continuing the story and not rebooting it. I think a rewatch is in order.

If you remember while in the "Red Room" Laura Palmer said she's see Agent Cooper in 25 years... and guess what it will be 25 years when this airs in 2016... coincidence I think not... I have a feeling they planned this all along.. or at least decided once that they were going to return that they would do it on the 25th anniversary in 2016.

I watched the third episode (as the pilot consisted of the first two episodes) of Star Wars Rebels, though it's not out until Oct 13th they had a free download from itunes. This episode is called "Droids in Distress" The episode features the crew of the Ghost intercepting a shipment of weapons intended for the Galactic Empire. Along the way, they inadvertently pick up C-3PO and R2-D2, who are on a secret mission from Senator Bail Organa to prevent the weapons from falling into Imperial hands. The rebels continue to be chased by Agent Kallus of the Imperial Security Bureau, while Garazeb Orrelios deals with grief over the near-extinction of his people. In the end, R2-D2 provides Organa (who will become one of the founders of the Alliance to Restore the Republic) with information about the rebels and their activities.

Another great episode, it was cool to see some familiar faces (R2 and 3PO). I also got a kick out of the pilot droid for the shuttle that was used, it was "Rex" the pilot from the original Star Tour ride. We got to delve more into the past of these "Rebels" especially Garazeb. When Ezra uses the force push for the first time to save Garazeb from Kallus and the original Star Wars music started playing in the background... it gave me chills. This series continue to impress and it's only a few episodes in. I can't wait to see where they go next.

I also watched the third episode of one of my favorite new series "Scorpion" This episode is titled "A Cyclone" After Team Scorpion fails a military training mission, they are determined to prove their worth to Cabe and Homeland Security when a bomber threatens to take out the internet infrastructure of the entire Southwest.

Another fun episode, we get more background of the characters, lots of action and some suspense. I've seen folks complain about "how absurd" the situations can be on this show. But that doesn't really bother me... I don't care if the mathematics workout, or if the situation seems far fetched.. for me it's pure entertainment and I love it. These characters are special and stories are fun.

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