Thursday, October 9, 2014

Finishing My 4th Tattoo

I got to spend some time with family which is always nice but during the evening I headed over to my friend Moose's place to get my Star Trek tattoo completed. Two and a half weeks ago I got my 4th tattoo which was to be Star Trek. I wasn't able to finish is as it was extremely painful and I could only last the four hours. So I had to wait at least two weeks for it to heal before going back to finish it. Well it's all healed up and I'm back to finish it.

To finish this tattoo he had to make it look like the tubes and claws were going into my skin. I also wanted to change the color of the skin around the tattoo as if the assimilation was spreading. I showed him a picture of the Borg Queen and the veins/make up design on her head. Instead of color my kind a pale/yellowish white (which doesn't work well in a tattoo) I wanted it green, specifically Borg green so it would stand out more.

Well Moose drew on the design and had me take a look. It wasn't what I was thinking but I loved it. He made it so the assimilation starts at the point where the tubes enter my skin. It was a very cool idea.

So we started the tattoo and for the next three hours I was in immense pain. I knew going into it that it was going to be bad as the last session was horrible as well but I did manage to get through the entire thing.

Both Moose's oldest daughter and wife kept looking at it and being grossed out and saying that it looks like I had been infected which was awesome because that's what assimilation is like.

I'm extremely happy with the final product.

I now have completed my initial plans for tattoos.. I wanted one tattoo to represent my four loves... Harry Potter on my left upper arm (1st tattoo), Lord of the Rings on my right upper arm (2nd tattoo), Star Wars on my right calf (3rd tattoo) and now Star Trek on my left calf (4th tattoo). But as they say tattoos are an addiction and I have others planned, but I don't be getting my fifth one any time soon.

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