Tuesday, February 10, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - It's All About the Dumbbells

Another fun but exhausting work out at NerdStrong Gym. We always start with a warm up, this time we did jump rope. I use to jump rope all the time when I was younger but man trying to do three minutes now was like torture.

After the warm up we learn the correct way to do several workouts. This time we learned the correct way to do Box Jumps and Pull Ups. I got box jumps down pretty good.. I even advanced to the 20 inch box. The pull ups on the other hand were alot tougher. I could manage to pull myself up once but that was it so Andrew had me jump and hold myself up at the bar and then slowly lower myself which puts huge amount of strain on your muscles. I manged to do about eight of those.

After all that it's time for our circuit workout. Today it was all about Dumbbells. We had to do 5 rounds of 12x Dumbbells Lunges, 12x Dumbbell Renegade Rows & 6x Dumbbells Push Ups. We had twelve minutes to complete all five rounds. I am happy to say that I finished second in our group with a few minutes to spare. It was an extremely good upper body workout.

Afterwards as the 7:30 session got going my buddy Joey started setting up a bench and planned to do some bench presses. I really enjoy bench presses so I asked if I could join him. We did six sets of six at about 115 lbs. My arms were dead by the time we finished but it was a very enjoyable workout.

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