Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Indy Workout - NerdStrong Gym

Today I did my first Sunday workout at NerdStrong Gym. Sunday workouts are different from other workouts as they are themed and you usually work in teams. They are also known for being the toughest workouts. But before I get to the workout, let's chat about the warm up. I got the gym about 20 minutes early so the 9am group was still working out. Let me say that it's not a great idea to watch what "hell" you're about to go through. Watching these poor people sweat and huff & puff and be exhausted was hard because you know this is going to be you in about a half hour or so.

Luckily we were distracted by Marla (the other trainer) and began our warm up since the class before was running long. We did some lunges, high steps, butt kicks and various other things. We then did two laps around the parking lot but this wasn't your usual run it's something called an Indian Run. I had never heard of this but here is what it is. An indian run is when a team jogs in a single file line around a playing a field (or in our case the parking lot). It begins when the last person in line sprints to the front. When that person gets there, the next person at the end of the line sprints to the front of the line. This continues as the line jogs around the parking lot.

It's exhausting.. I was so tired and the actual workout hadn't even begun yet. Once the class before us was done with started our session. First up was learning how to row properly. So we all did a few minutes on the row machines. We didn't have time to do the "team row" event so we skipped to the main event. As I mentioned before Sunday workouts are themed and this one was titled "Indy" as in Indiana Jones. For this workout you had 12 minutes to complete 5 rounds of 5x Burpee, 10x Box Jump, 15x Cowbell Swing & 20x Situps or you could get smooshed by a boulder. If you didn't think you could complete this workout you had two alternates, less reps per event but still 5 rounds or you could do 4 rounds but full reps. I chose to try and do 4 rounds at full reps and if I had time I'd push to do the 5th round.

So we were all teamed with a partner and we started. My partner Katie went first and did a great job. she opted for the same workout as me and did 4 rounds of the full reps. When it came to my turn the first few rounds were fine but on my third during the sit ups I started to feel it. I managed to get through most of my fourth round but again when it came to sit ups I struggled and on number 14 and with a minute left I couldn't continue. It's strange when your mind is telling your body to do something and your body is literally ignoring it. I pulled myself up a few more times but barely and managed to only do 16 or the 20 required sit ups.

This meant I got squished by a boulder and was penalized with 30x Wallball (which is taking a medicine ball and throwing it up against the wall and hitting a certain mark 30 times). Andrew said that I didn't have to do it since it was my first Sunday but Marla (the other trainer) was having none of that and made me do 30 squats instead :-)

Overall it was another fantastic workout. I'm really enjoying the NerdStrong Gym, the trainers/coaches are great. The fellow workout buddies are nice, encouraging and helpful and it's fun being surrounded by fellow geeks/nerds. If you want to check out the place you can do your one on one and first workout for free. You can check out their website and set up an appointment HERE.

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