Thursday, February 12, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - It's All About the Kettlebells

Today session had a "guest" coach Christy. We started with barbell row. I teamed up with fellow noob Ben and we learned how to do barbell rows properly. We did those for about 15 minutes before starting bench presses. I love doing bench presses as I already have a large chest (barrel chested) so when I get any chance to enhance it, I take it. Again it was Ben and I so we took turns doing several reps within our 15 minute allotment.

After the barbell stuff the real workout began. Today's crossfit workout consisted of 3 rounds of 20x kettlebell ballistic rows, 12x kettlebell goblet squats and then :30 seconds of kettlebell high pulls.

As with all the crossfit stuff, I start off great, feeling good and pushing myself. About half way through the rounds I start to feel the burn. While my arms are burning I'm trying to concentrate on form instead of speed. Yes we are working against a clock (12 minutes) but form matters. That last :30 second kettlebell high pull almost killed me but I am happy to say that I finished with a few minutes to spare.

Another great workout, thank you Christy for your awesome coaching. I'm gonna be sore tomorrow :)

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