Saturday, February 14, 2015

Weigh-In for 2/14

Once again I weighted myself this morning after my morning job. Last Saturday I weighed in at 194.5 with a total weight lose of 24.5 pounds since October of 2014.

Today I weighed in at 195, that's a gain of a half of pound, which brings my total weight lose to 24 pounds. At first I was disappointed as I gained and did not lose weight but then was kind of happy that it was only a gain of a half of pound as I did not have a good food week last week. I also considered that it might be muscle gain since I now workout at NerdStrong Gym on a regular bases (3x a week) as well as continuing my daily morning jogs.

Still I have to stay positive, I'm well on my way to my goal weight. I know this is a process and that it's not going to happen over night, especially if I wish to keep it off. This is going to be a life long battle but I'm determined to win in the end.

Thanks to all those who tweet, Facebook message and text me their support.. it's means alot.


  1. 24 lbs! Great job, Kenny!
    Mild fluctuations up or down are to be expected. Look at where you are, compared to where you were when the journey began. Take pride in that.

    1. Thanks Dan for the kind words.. yes that is how I'm looking at it. I haven't been below 195 in over 10 years... so yay me!!