Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Worldwide Gay Marriage & the Latest Gotham

I found a cool "World" map marking which countries allow gay marriage, which allows partial gay marriage and those that it's illegal. I was surprised I actually thought more of Europe was open to gay marriage. And soon enough the US will be fully purple as well.

Today I came across a Big Bang Theory from last season that I had never seen. I don't know how it happen as I was sure I had recorded every episode, but somehow I missed this one... It was S7 Ep13 The Occupation Recalibration. I had always wondered when Penny quit the Cheescake Factory... now I know.

Watched some TV in the evening with my buddy Erik. We started with FaceOff, which is always alot of fun. And then Gotham, S1 Ep 15 "The Scarecrow" When Gerald Crane targets another victim, James Gordon and Harvey Bullock investigate his background and discover that he was a biology teacher whose wife died in a fire accident that he was too scared to rescue her from. Bruce Wayne goes on a treacherous hike. Falcone tells Cobblepot to renovate Fish's nightclub as his own before speaking to Maroni about him - Maroni agrees to let Cobblepot live in exchange for having a judge placed in his pocket. Crane injects his son with a large dose and does permanent damage to him causing him to be in fear all the time.

Another really good episode, I actually enjoyed all the various storylines. It was really fun to see Enigma (The Riddler) and Penguin meet for the first time. Penguin has always been my favorite character but Enigma is starting to become my new favorite. I really thought that Bruce would encounter the bats in his travels but that didn't happen. The birth of Scarecrow was really well done and I like the flirting going on between Gordan and Dr. Thompkins.

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