Tuesday, September 8, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Like A Ninja

Today's workout was all about being a Ninja. It was also one of the smallest class I've attended in a while.. only 4 of us today.

We started with a fun and different kind of warm up. We ran around the parking lot 230 meters and then had to get in touch with our spirit animals. We started with the Bear Walk, which isn't bad and I was able to channel my inner bear pretty easily. Next was the Crab Walk (forward), this was the hardest thing we did for the day. We had to keep our finder facing forward as we crab walked. That did a number on my wrists and I would take a few steps and have to stop a few seconds before continuing. Frog Hops were next and after the Crab Walks these were a piece of cake and we finally did the Monkey Walk (lateral). Once you got the rhythm down these weren't do bad. And when we were done we had to do them all over again for a second time.

Next we worked on a skill, Leg Scales. This consisted of 10x Front Scale Leg Lift (each side), 10x Back Scale Leg Lift (each side) and then 10x Frong to Back Scale (each side). I don't mind doing leg workouts as my legs are pretty beefy and mobile.

Now for the actual workout we had to do 3 rounds of :30 seconds of work and :30 seconds of rest for Box Jumps (Quiet like a Ninja), Dumbbell Push Press, Jump Rope and Lay to Stand Rope Climbing. I've always been good at box jumps and I've been practicing at quieting them so I had some extremely silent box jumps that folks who were right next to me couldn't believe I was actually jumping. Dumbbell push press' aren't so bad as long as you don't over do it with the weights which I did so coach Christy asked that I drop down which I was happy to do and it was much better. Jump rope is a hit and miss with me, sometimes I'm great at it and sometimes I can't last longer then 10 seconds. The rope climbing didn't look bad but man was it tough. You don't really think about the fact that you're pulling your entire body weight up this rope.. and for me that's a lot of weight.

Great DEX workout today.. thanks coach Christy and coach David for your continued support.

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