Sunday, September 6, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - The Sorting Hat

Today at NerdStrong Gym we did another Harry Potter workout. This one is completely different then the one I did few months back.

We started with a nice Indian Run before doing 10x Perfect Stretch, 10x Air Squats, Should Stretches, Tricep Stretches and Shoulder Rolls.

First thing we had to do was be sorted into our houses (about 5 or 6 people per house). I was sorted into Gryffindor (though coach David had me in Hufflepuff, which is my house but I wore my Gryffindor robes and tie so he changed me to that house instead, which I'm cool with as I was sorted into Gryffindor on Pottermore). We had the smallest house with only 4 members.

Now for the workout there were four classes (stations) we had to attend. Defense Against the Dark Arts (Spell Casters), Herbology (Squats), Potions (Steel Club Front Press) and then Transfiguration (Step Ups). We had to do 2 minutes of work with a :30 second transition to get to the other class. If a single person wasn't ready after those :30 seconds the entire class would have to do burpees, needless to say nobody lingered.

We had to do each class three times for a total of 24 minutes of workout. It was a tough workout especially the "Spell Casters" We had to take a dumbbell and hold it to the side of our body and then it up and out to the middle of our chest and then back down to the other side. And though it's only two minutes it feels like forever when you're just getting started. After that we had to do squats which are bad in themselves but we spiced things up and did weighted squats which meant we held a kettlebell while doing them. Step Ups were fine but again we spiced things up by holding weights and doing the step ups. The steel clubs were rough as you're holding this piece of metal about chest high and then extending your arms outward, like with the spell casters at first it's okay but a minute in you really start to feel the burn.

As always group workouts already one of my favorites and this one was no different. Loved the theme and the workout... Thanks to all the coaches for helping me get through it.

And just note besides wearing my robes I brought my eight wands to share with everyone for the photo.

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