Saturday, October 31, 2015

Comikaze Con Day 1

Stan Lee's ComiKaze Con is happening this weekend. It started yesterday but because of work I wasn't able to attend so after gym today I headed to the Los Angeles Convention Center. I got to the center around 1pm and the place was packed (come to find out that a Hockey game was happening at the Staples Center, which is right next door). So parking was crazy expensive (most lots were asking $40) I opted to try and get into the convention parking as it was only $10 a few years ago and though I assume the price went up I'm sure it's well below the $40 the outside parking was asking.

It took almost an hour to park but I was one of the last cars they let in the convention center parking and it only costed me $20. Once inside I had to find my friend Hayley and Dallas who were roaming the floor in the Game of Throne cosplay. I did not cosplay today as I knew I'd be getting there late and wanted to really roam the floor. I plan to cosplay tomorrow.

I met up with my friends and we walked around the many floors of the con for the next four hours. This con is about half the size of Wondercon which is about half the size of San Diego Comic Con. The cosplays were the best part of this con. Cosplaying has really taken off and there are so many talented people out there making some amazing costumes.

Nerdstrong had a panel upstairs around 4 so I left my friends and headed to the room. I met up with several other NerdStrongers and we waited for the panel to start. I'm happy to say that I have been to every single panel that NerdStrong has done so far and this was another fun panel. With exception to the really drunk guy being disruptive the first half hour (he headed out looking for the bathroom and luckily never came back).

Met up with my friends after the panel and roamed the floor a little longer until 6pm when the sales floor closed. I was taking my friends Dallas and Hayley home so we made our way to my car and along the way I ran into one of my coaches, coach Kimi who was waiting for an Uber ride. Since she lives right down the street from me I offered to take her home. So the four of us made our way to my car and one by one I dropped everyone off before crashing on the couch and relaxing the rest of the night.

Looking forward to going again tomorrow in my Hobbit cosplay as my friend Hayley will be going as Galadriel.  

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