Monday, October 26, 2015

X-Files Trailer, Extended Sherlock Special & Broadway HD

They released a new X-Files trailer for their upcoming mini-series. The more I see of this the more excited I get. I love me some Mulder and Scully.

They also released a new Extended Edition of the next Sherlock special. This is their first Christmas special and it's set in the past during the Victorian times. It's been forever since we have seen a new Sherlock and the more I see of this the more excited I get.

I came across this video and thought it was very cool.. it's the new Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer music but it's set to the original Star Wars trilogy footage. They work so well together.

I got another screener in "Straight Outta Compton". I've heard nothing but amazing things about this movie but I have absolutely 0% interest in watching it. I enjoy good drama but this to me is to much like real life, which again I don't mind from time to time but for whatever reason I have no inclination to watch this movie. Who knows maybe a friend will want to watch it and I'll watch with them but at this time I don't have any plans to watch it.

And the final thing I wanted to share is this new on-demand streaming of Broadway shows called BroadwayHD. I mean I don't know why no one has thought of this or tried something like this before as it's such a great idea. And yes it's not the same as being there but there are so many amazing stage shows that millions of people won't be able to see because they can't get to New York. I for one am super excited for this new service. You can sign up and get more information HERE.
On-Demand Streaming of Stage Shows
On-Demand Streaming of Stage Shows

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