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Downton Abbey S6 Eps 5 & 6 - My Thoughts

I love watching the new season of Downton Abbey but the more episodes I watch the closer it gets to the end. Today episode 6 aired in the UK. So in this blog I'm gonna review episodes 5 & 6. Only two more after this and then the final Christmas Special.

So S6 Ep.5  1925. Mrs Patmore, Daisy and Andy help Mr Mason move into the farm; Daisy is jealous when she realises that he and Mrs Patmore like each other. Andy has offered to help with the pigs, and learn about farming, but reveals to Thomas, whom he has been avoiding, that he can't read or write; when Thomas offers to help him, he accepts. Edith appoints young Laura Edmunds as her editor, and also gets romantic with her friend Bertie. Molesley accompanies Baxter to the trial, but she doesn't need to testify. Carson, used to perfect meals and service in the servants' hall, makes nit-picking complaints to his wife about the food in their cottage, which annoys her – especially when he dares to ask Mrs Patmore to help his wife brush up on her cooking skills. Denker rudely confronts Dr Clarkson about going against Violet in the matter of the hospital; he complains, and Violet fires her, but she uses her hold over Spratt to blackmail him into speaking up for her, and she is allowed to remain.

Violet persuades Minister of Health Neville Chamberlain to visit Downton for dinner, but Robert suddenly collapses with a burst ulcer, and is rushed to hospital. He survives an operation, but Mary tells Tom she must take over the running of the estate, as her father must not be worried further. She is also suspicious about Marigold, after half-hearing a puzzling remark about the child. Before rushing off to the hospital, Cora, fed up at long last with Violet always getting her own way, tells Chamberlain to let the hospital merger go ahead and refuses to argue further with Violet.

Wow.. what an episode.. I'll start with one of the most shocking and gruesome scenes I've ever seen on Downton. Robert's ulcer bursting and him spewing blood all over the table and his poor wife. That scene was horrific yet it had one of the most heart wrenching lines of the episode. As Robert is lying on the floor dying (presumably) his wife by his side holding his head, she looks up at her and said "If this is it... just know that I have loved you, very, very much". Such a sweet moment and thankfully he doesn't die.

Daisy has been acting horribly this season, I'm glad she's growing and her mind is expanding to new possibilities for herself and other servants but man she's becoming a bitch. And now she's jealous that Mrs Patmore and Mr. Mason are interesting in each other.  You'd think she's be thrilled as Mr. Mason is like a father to her and Mrs Patmore has been like a mother and mentor but no, Daisy is being a bratty kid.

Carson is another one who's been getting on my nerves as he continuously belittles Mrs Hughes though it's just the way he was brought up and he's pretty set in his ways. Luckily Mrs Hughes has a huge heart and can forgive easily enough. 

I like the interaction between Thomas and Andy, I had always hoped that Andy would wind up being gay and get together with Thomas but it looks as though Andy has his eyes on Daisy.

Next was S6 Ep.6  June 1925. Carson continues to moan about things at the cottage not being 'up to standard', to the increasing annoyance of his wife, even complaining about how she makes the bed, and suggesting that she get some pointers on cooking from Mrs Patmore. The Board of the Downton Cottage Hospital decides to approve its merger with the Royal Yorkshire Hospital and invites Cora to be their new president in place of the Dowager Countess to avoid such situations in the future. Daisy continues to try to sabotage the growing flirtatious friendship between Mrs Patmore and Mr Mason, but is too blatant, and both realize what is going on. Mary takes Tom to London, where they meet Henry, who invites them to a motor-car race at the Brooklands circuit. Henry tells Mary he is falling in love with her.

Mary and Tom decide to open the house to the public for a day to raise funds for the hospital. Edith's beau Bertie persuades Cora, Mary and Edith to act as guides, but they turn out to be woefully ignorant about the house and its contents. Violet, having learnt of her demotion, arrives in a frightful temper, imperiously sweeping aside the hoi polloi, and angrily berates both Cora and Robert for their treachery. Carson questions Thomas about his meetings with Andy, causing him more distress and reducing him to tears of self-pity.

This episode was pretty much a continuation of last weeks episode.. Daisy still being bratty and Carson being a male chauvinist. We also get some forward movement in Mary and Henry's relationship.

I liked the idea of opening Downton to the public of a day and I wanted to punch Carson for the way he treated Thomas after finding Andy slipping out of his room after hours. Of course we all know that Thomas is teaching Andy to read but they are keeping it on down low. I know Thomas has been a dick from time to time but he's been softening the season and a half and I just want something good to happen for him. At this rate he's going to kill himself (I hope they don't end his storyline that way).

So two more awesome episodes and only two more left, then the Christmas special. As I said at the beginning.. I'm excited to watch more but the more I watch the less new there will be.

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