Sunday, October 25, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Back To The Future

In honor of Back to the Future Day we did a Back to the Future themed workout.

Started with a nice "Build" of 10x PVC Good Mornings, 10x PVC Figure 8's, 10x PVC Pass Throughs, 10x You Shall Not Pass' and finally 10x Air Squats.

For the workout itself, it was a team workout (Marty and Doc) so I partnered up with my buddy Adam. We began with a 1985 Meter Row, We took turns rowing roughly 200 meters each back and forth until we completed the 1985 meters. Next was 85x Front Squats, again this was a team workout so we did 20 squats each until we got through the 85. 19x Box Jumps were next and these we had to do individually, then 85x Push Ups which we did as a team. Next was x55 Pull Ups and since both my team mate and I can only do a few we opted to scale down to Ring Rows and did a combined total of 55. We then did x19 Burpees each before doing a 1985 Meter Run around the parking lot (that's eight times around). Again this was a team one so I would run once and then tag Adam and he would run once and so on. We managed to finish the run just in time.

Thanks Adam for being a great team mate and thanks to the coaches for the awesome workout.

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