Thursday, October 29, 2015

LARPs The Series S2 Ep4 - My Thoughts

Today a new episode of LARPs the Series was released.. S2 Ep4 "Retcon" In this week's episode of LARPs, everyone has their own story of how the game went down!

I really enjoyed this weeks episode, the way they structured it was really cool. The episode starts out with everyone gathering for food/hot tub after a intense day of LARPing. What makes this a really fun episode is that we get to see a specific fight scene from everyone's very different perspective.

Each one is shoot differently, acted differently and color saturation or lack there of from each persons tale is fantastic . Some are very different then the others (Will's in particular) while others are over dramatic (Brits) or under dramatic (Kat). I love the use of different music to express the different styles of story telling.

This series has really stepped up for it's second season.. I enjoyed the first season but every episode this season has taken it to new levels of awesome... this series for me is getting up there with great webseries like The Guild. Can't wait for the next episode.

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