Wednesday, October 28, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - 7 Minute Row Test

Today was our 7 Minute Row Test... but leading up to that we did a nice warm up "build". 230 Meter Run, 10x Arm Circles (forward and backwards), 2 sets of 5x Wall Squats and 10x Air Squats, then 10x Leg Sweeps (front to back) and then 10x Leg Sweeps (side to side).

For the Proficiency portion of the workout we had to do 2 minutes of couch stretching and 2 minutes of hamstring stretching. Couch stretching is one of the toughest stretches we do. I struggle every time I have to do them as I'm just not as flexible as I'd like to be. I use a pole to help keep me upright and if they ask for my knee to be all the way against the wall I can't get up on the other foot. I'm hoping in time my flexibility will improve.

The Quest was our 7 Minute Row. I know rowing is some of the folks favorite workout and I use to enjoy it as it really does give you a full workout but lately I haven't been a fan of this workout. The goal is to row 2000 meters in seven minutes, my previous number was 1476 meters and I'm happy to say that improved this time with 1540 meters. Still far off from 2000 but getting there slowly. It really is all about pacing and keeping the endurance up.

After a brief rest we moved on to our Battle. We started at Cone 1 with 5x Weighted Squats, then we dropped the weight and sprinted to cone 2. We then grabbed a heavy kettlebell and suitcase carried it to cone 3 and then back to 2 and then we sprinted back to cone 1. Took a :30 second break before doing it all over again another four times for a total of 5 rounds. It was rough especially after rowing for seven minutes. The only upside is that I was in the first wave of rowers so I actually had a bit of a longer rest then the ones who went second but honestly that didn't help much.. it was a tough workout.

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