Tuesday, October 27, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Tightrope Walks & Slamball Battles

So much stuff for today's workout... look at that board.

We started with a nice "Build", up first was an Agility Ladder and we had to do 2x High Knees, One Forward, Two Forward, Two Lateral, Hop Scotch and finally In In Out Out Forward. We then did Shoulder Stretches and Tricep Stretches.

We then moved on to our "Proficiency" portion of the workout which was 3 rounds of 10x Knee Raises and 5x Inch Worms.

Then the Quest was next. This was a Slow Tightrope Walk. We started with 4x 1 Kettlebell Front Rack (alternating from arm to arm). We then did 4x 1 Kettlebell Overhead (alternating from arm to arm). Once we did those twice for both arms we grabbed a heavy dumbbell and did 4x 1 Kettlebell in Front Rack with Dumbbell in Farmer Carry and then 4x 1 Kettlebell in Overhead with Dumbbell in Farmer Carry. These were tough after the third and fourth pass. When you start out you walk in a straight line but then by the third time you are trying to stay in that straight line and it's getting more difficult.

For the Battle we had to partner up and do :30 seconds of work, :10 seconds of rest for three rounds of Plank with Low Fives (this is fun, you face  your partner and while you are low planking you are slapping hands back and forth. Slamball Sit Ups (you sit with you legs interlocked and do a sit up and pass a heavy slamball back and forth while you are doing it). We then did Standing Slamball Rotations (here you stand back to back with your partner and turn back and forth and pass a slamball between the two of you). And the final thing we did was a Wall Sit, while one is doing the wall sit with a mace the other person holding a slamball overhead, we switched off every :15 seconds.

It was alot of stuff but I really liked the Battle as it was with a partner and it's always more enjoyable doing the workout with a partner. 

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