Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Birthday Lunch with John

Got some more screeners today.. Bridge of Spies, Steve Jobs and Jurassic World. I've seen Jurassic World and enjoyed it and I've heard good things about Bridge of Spies (with Tom Hanks) and Steve Jobs so I look forward to watching those.

During lunch today I took my buddy John out for his birthday. He's a big pizza guy so he suggested that we go to Pieology (it's a create your own pizza place). Never been before and I really enjoyed it, it's cool that you can make a pizza anyway you like.

I always enjoy hanging out with John. We workout together from time to time but you really can't socialize so getting some one on one time is pretty awesome. John is one of those people that you meet and it feels like you've known each other for years. Our lives couldn't be more opposite but personality wise I think we're more alike and of course we are both super geeky (okay I may be a bit more). Anyways.. Happy Birthday Buddy.. hope you had a fantastic birthday.

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