Friday, November 27, 2015

Hiking Eaton Canyon Falls

Since we didn't have gym yesterday or today due to the Thanksgiving holiday, my buddy Adam put together hike up in the hills of Pasadena. Joining for the was Adam, of course, Pooja, Lauren, and Adam's friends Kip and Gleen, which I just happened to know as well from game night I use to attend many many years ago (small world). Our main hike was to Eaton Canyon Falls, which is a fairly easy hike. So to make things a bit more difficult we hike up the  hills on a trail less traveled. It was a difficult hike as the trail pretty much went straight up, but the views from the top were amazing. Once we got to the top we made our way down the trail that most people used, it's a slow and steady incline or in our case going down.. a decline.

Once back at the main trail we made our way to the water fall. It required walking through flowing water and over large boulders. This was actually my favorite part of the hike. It was a popular trail so there was loads of people on it. But at the end of it is the small waterfall.. but a waterfall none the less. We sat on the rocks and snacked for a bit enjoying the ambiance. Once done we made our way back to the cars.

It was a great hike, it was beautiful outside, and the temps were just right. The company was great and we had some fairly in-depth geeky conversations.

After the hike Lauren and I grabbed some lunch at Rally's, before I dropped her off at her place and headed home.  Thanks Adam for organizing this fun adventure.

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