Friday, November 27, 2015

It's Christmas Time

After the hike I came home and started to unpack all my Christmas decorations. Now that Thanksgiving is over and it's officially Christmas time I am going to decorate my apartment and put up my Christmas Tree.

Christmas is my favorite time a year and I love decorating my place. I started by putting up the tree. I've done live trees my entire childhood so when I started buying trees on my own I did live trees. That was until about six years ago when I came across a really nice looking fake tree. I was tired of having to clean up all the pines of a live tree as well as the idea of killing a tree for decoration every year.

I've collected some great and very geeky tree decorations (harry potter, star wars & star trek) over the years. I think my favorite find was my light up Yoda topper for the top of the tree.. it's pretty fantastic. I think the tree turned out great. I then added garland and bulbs over books cases and tables. I usually have small colored lights in the corner where the wall meets the ceiling but I opted not to do it this year.

Overall I'm very happy with the tree and decorations.. now I can enjoy the Christmas Holidays.

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