Monday, November 23, 2015

C3PO Waze, River Song, Legends, Galavant & Carter Returns

Waze released a C3PO direction voice for it's app so of course I had to download it. It's pretty awesome but it is kind of awkward having him call you master all the time. Not sure how long they will have it available but for now C3PO and his counterpart R2D2 will direct me to my destinations.

Got some more screeners today.. they seems to be rolling in now. This round I got The Walk, Trumbo and Beasts of No Nation. None of them are must sees for me but I'll give him a go at some point.

BBC announced that River Song will be returning to Doctor Who for the 2015 Christmas Special. I love River and her story in Doctor Who so I'm really looking forward to this.

DC released a new trailer for Legends of Tomorrow. The more I see of this series the more excited I got. DC has made some amazing TV (Arrow, Flash, & Supergirl) so I'm expecting great things from this series.

Also ABC released a trailer for season two of Galavant. When I first watched S1 of this series I was in love. It's so different then anything else on TV these days. It was only eight episode and I'll admit that not all of them were winners but people loved it and I'm happy to say they are coming back with a brand new, even longer season... can't wait.

And I think this is the series I am looking forward to the most.. the return of Agent Carter. I LOVED season one and was beyond excited to hear that it was picked up for season two..

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