Friday, November 27, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - My Week

This week I worked out Saturday (CON), Sunday (TEAM), Tuesday (DEX), and Wednesday (CON).

Saturday's workout was taking on the 20-Something Big Boss Monster. 

We started with 2 laps around the parking lot while holding a weight of some sort. Then 2 rounds of 50x Goblet Squats, :60 second Plank, 45x Kettlebell Sit Up, :60 second Plank, 40x Explosive Push Ups, :60 second Plank, 35x Kettlebell Reverse Lunges, :60 second Plank, 30x Facepeelers, :60 second Plank, 25x Wall Balls and finally another two laps around the parking lot for a weighted run.

I didn't finish it but I got further then before and I think I'm ready to take on the big bad boss monster next week.

Sunday's Team workout was in honor of Thanksgiving and titled Tur-Duc-Kin. This was a fun "Team" workout. We worked in teams of three and while one person ran 460 meters around the parking lot (two laps) the other person would choose workouts from Group 1 and the other would choose workouts from group 2. The purpose of this workout is to create the heaviest Turduckin. My teammates were Jess and Ryan and we managed to created a 525 lbs Turduckin.. we kicked some ass.

Tuesday's DEX workout was titled Ms Marvel.. it has lots of Jump Roping, Active Hanging, Planking, Push Ups, Superman, Sit Ups and Farmer's Carry. It was a tough but fun workout.

Wednesday's CON workout was lots of running and rowing and to finish it off we did a 5 minute Plank.  I actually lasted 3 minutes which is the longest I've every planked at one time. I think my favorite part of the workout was the 140 Meter Team Run Relay. I really like doing team activities together and I'm not a bad runner to it was win win for me.

As always it was a pretty fantastic week for workouts at NerdStrong Gym. Thanks to coach Andrew and all of the amazing coaches there.

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