Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Captain America Trailer, Dawson's Creek Rewatch & More Star Wars

They released the first Captain America: Civil War trailer and it looks amazing. It's going to be difficult to watch these people who were once friends fight each other. But with that said I will always be #TeamCaptain

Was flipping through the channels and came across the series finale of Dawson's Creek. Of course I had to watch the entire thing.

I was a HUGE Dawson's Creek fan and have been wanting to do a rewatch of the entire series for a few years now. After watching the finale it reminded me why I want to do the rewatch. I don't know when I'll find the time but I'm thinking I'll do an episode or two a week.. it will take me a year to watch all six seaons but it's such a great a series and worthy of a rewatch.. anyone want to join me in the rewatch?

They also released another TV spot for Star Wars The Force Awakens. This one is more Kylo focused at the beginning. There is even more additional unseen footage but as they have done with the other trailers and TV spots.. nothing has been spoilery.

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