Sunday, November 29, 2015

Do You Want To Build A Snowman

Spent my day making Christmas presents for my friends. I've been making these Snowman for over 12 years now.. I actually received one back in 2002 and loved it so much that I reversed engineered it to figure out how it was made. I improved upon it over the years so each years edition is slightly different. What I like is that no snowman is alike so my friends are getting something unique and one of a kind, plus it's hand made and from the heart.. so that's good too. Over the years I think I've made a few hundred of these snowmen and I'm sure I'll be make more of them in the future.

They are easy to make.. you just need a few supplies, White socks, rubber bands, orange felt (for the carrot nose), brown pipecleaners (for the arms, this is new to this edition, I use to use real twigs but they would break often). Googly eyes, Something for the smile (I used very tiny buttons and also black sequences that looked like coal). Various ribbon for the scarf and hate band and then fluff ball or something similar for the buttons down the front. And the most important part rice (uncooked). The only tool you really need is a hot glue gun and glue.

You start by filling up the sock with the uncooked rice. For a 9-11 size sock I use about 1 1/2 cups of rice and then you put a rubber band around and to tighten it off (that's the lower part of the body), then add another cup of rice and rubber band that off to create the center part of the body. Then add 2/3's cup of rice for the top part aka head of the snowman.

So now you have the three separate sections, you should have about four to five inches of sock still, that's for the top hat. Once you have your three sections you will hot glue them together. It's important that you make sure your snowman looks well shaped and proportionate before gluing.

Next you hot glue the eyes on, then cut carrot shaped noses from the orange felt and glue them on. Add three to four buttons for the mouth. Next you'll place three fluff ball down the front of the snowman. Then you'll wrap a piece of ribbon around the neck of the snowman and glue it into place. Take a pipe cleaner and cut it in half, form the hands of the snowman and then hot glue them under the ribbon scarf.

The final part of the snowman is to create his/her top hat. You do this by flipping the remaining part of the sock inside out and forming it into a hat shape. You flip the end of the sock up to create the brim. Once you have your hat created you glue it down. The final thing you have to do is measure a piece of ribbon around the brim of the hat, cut it and hot glue it down.

That's it.. you now can create a snowman of your very own... Merry Christmas

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