Thursday, December 3, 2015

DC TV... So Good!!!

Legends of Tomorrow released a new poster for their upcoming season. I have to say that I have been really impressed with DC TV. They currently have Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Gotham and iZombie with the addition of Legends of Tomorrow.

I came late to Arrow, after season two but quickly fell in love with it and binge watched those two seasons over a months time. With The Flash I started with the premiere two years ago and have loved every minute of it since. I think it's probably my favorite of the current DC shows. The Arrow/Flash Crossover have been amazing.. this last one was incredible.

The latest DCTV show that I'm watching is Supergirl, though it's only been a handful of episodes I've really been enjoying the development of the characters and unfolding of the story and can't wait to see where all goes.

I watched season one of Gotham and enjoyed it for the most part but when season two started I Tivo'd them and soon has six on my Tivo and no real interest to watch so I deleted them. I may try and catch up over the summer but from what I'm hearing season two has been really dark and not that great. As for iZombie it looked good and something I would watch but with so much other TV to watch I never got around to watching it. Like with Gotham it's on my list to watch over the summer (during the TV lull).

DC TV have several other shows in development with Legends of Tomorrow premiering in January.. now this is a series I'm really looking forward to.. big Brandon Routh fan

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